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Ed Pisani Jr wants to help people, businesses, charities, and his offices are located in Deltona, Florida…

Ed's Vision For The Future

His Mission Statement – Since 2009

Ed Pisani Jr’s mission is to provide top quality business services, educational workshops, and charity leadership that can enhance our community.  He wants to collaborate with business owners, community leaders, and nonprofit groups to provide resources that increase, enhance, and/or improve the quality of life in local Florida communities.

His Vision Statement – Since 2013

His vision when doing business is to improve the quality of life for people in our community while making it all possible from his services that include: web design, SEO, graphic design, photography, and professional speaking, as well as his other business ventures.

His Core Values – Since 2016

Attentive – Caring – Communicative – Committed – Efficient – Honest – Innovative – Effective

His Philosophy – A little More About Ed Pisani Jr

What constantly reinforces Ed’s daily decisions – is simply because he uses the following reference points:

Number 1 – What is best for ‘you’ the client?

Number 2 – What is best for the community?

Number 3 – What is best for my businesses?

Ed believes that if he starts and ends each day with this in mind, the desired outcomes will be achieved.  Outcomes and results are important for business owners / active professionals looking to grow themselves or their brand. 

Having a knowledgable, honest, and caring professional like Ed Pisani Jr to help you grow is a good business decision for anyone wanting to succeed in business.   So give him a call and start a conversation today – 407-416-1515

FAQ About Ed Pisani Jr’s… educational podcasts & videos

Ed Pisani Jr offers at-risk youth educational podcasts that are designed primarily for business owners, professionals, young professionals, college students, high school youth, church groups, families, charity groups, and young adults.  These people may be business owners, new in the work world, from the foster care system, may have a learning disability, been in the prison system, income earners or not, been homeless at some point, are or have been pregnant, from a single-parent household or raised by a grandparent or comes from a normal American family, and the list goes on.  Whatever their story is or was – he is proud of everyone that comes and participates in his life-changing podcast series.

His Work-Life Readiness Podcasts are included in his business and social interview series, the work-life episodes cover a lot of topics, such as Professionalism; Teamwork; Leadership; Management Concepts; Frugal Living; Introduction to Entrepreneurship;  Business Planning; Life Planning; Career Planning; Financial Education; Personal Development as well as Professional Development; Public Speaking; Resume Writing; Cover Lettering Writing; Interview Skills & Techniques and as well as other critical topics that are important to many people that may have missed these important concepts during their early life or are in need of a refresher.

His in-person educational workshops require his ‘speaking fee’ to be paid and any travel costs to be covered for his on-site visits. He will supply necessary printed materials for the on-site participants. Call today to schedule your in-person workshop with Ed Pisani Jr … he can be reached at 407-416-1515.

Ed Pisani Jr

Company Phone: 855.4WEBSEO
Place of Registration: Florida

Registered Office:
610 Deltona Blvd, Ste D, Deltona, Florida 32725