Life & Health Insurance Agency Owner – Lorena Tomasini | Business Conversation by Ed Pisani Jr.

Insurance Agency Owner Interview! | Business Conversations by Ed Pisani Jr

Life & Health Insurance Agency Owner – Lorena Tomasini

Learn more about Lorena Tomasini, the agency owner of MALM Life & Health Insurance Agency

About Lorena Tomasini – Insurance Agency Owner

​Lorena Tomasini is involved in a successful family business. Her and her mother run the business togther as business partners. This dynamic mother and daughter duo bring passion and focus to the Miami Florida market. They’re a mother-daughter team working together for the past 12 years and by experience they understand what life insurance means for individuals, families and small business owners. Financial protection of families and businesses are important decisions to make. Ms Tomasini hopes to pass our knowledge to our prospects, referrals and clients in a fun and interesting way.

In Miami, she spends her days talking to individuals, families, and small business owners about how they can prepare for their future. No one knows what the future might bring but she can have peace of mind knowing that many things will be covered by owning life insurance.  Lorena gets that most of her job is educational in nature, defining terms and explaining benefits so that people can make an informed decision. She represents many companies that she believes in, yet working for the client and not just one carrier. Your needs, health and budget are not the same as your neighbor, spouse, or friend. Therefore, one size fits all does not apply  when working with her.

When you work with her or one of her agents at MALM Life & Health Insurance Agency you’ll see the difference. They do things virtually, either over the phone, screen share or video chat. So you can be anywhere in Florida whether that is Orlando, Downtown, Jacksonville, Doral, or any other city.

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The Lorena Tomasini Interview

Ed Pisani Jr is the host of the radio show podcast that has business conversational interviews. Ed Pisani Jr is proud to have Lorena Tomasini on his show for an interview. In this episode, they had a chance to discuss Lorena’s business knowledge in reference to life insurance and health insurance. She understands she is not in the business of sales; she is in the business of providing peace of mind.  She wants people to know ‘what you’re buying is something that we won’t really know what type of impact will have on you, your loved ones or maybe your business.

Did you know that family businesses are starting up all over the country and the world? She shares insights on making the family business become successful with their family and to create viable businesses.  Lorena Tomasini is one of those business leaders in Miami Florida setting the tone in her industry. By the end of the interview, Ed Pisani Jr understood why this insurance professional was so passionate about her industry and the focus to help others.  Her insurance agency is located in Miami Florida. Listen to other great podcast episodes now! Click here