My Business Interview with Tom Brush, a Non-Profit Consultant / Entreprenuer

Tom Brush, a Non-Profit Consultant / EntreprenuerMy Business Interview with Tom Brush, a Non-Profit Consultant / Entreprenuer

Non-Profit Consultant  РTom Brush is your man!  As a Non-Profit Consultant / Entreprenuer is supporting nonprofit professionals & organizations. He is the owner and founder of ADVANCEMENT DESIGNS
If you are new to the nonprofit sector, in a new position, or a leader struggling with new challenges, competing responsibilities and limited resources, then Tom Brush during his interview with me is your guy. Do you have experience in the sector, but are looking for new processes or the latest trends? During his interview with me, he discusses his consulting systems and how he can help any organization that needs a jump start or simply a fresh start. His team understands that nonprofit professionals and their organizations face many obstacles. His team and himself have also have faced charities’ that do not always have a place to turn or the resources to find support. Thankfully, his company can provide a community of support and options to help take non profit organizations efforts to new heights.

Tom Brush, a Non-Profit Consultant / Entreprenuer

My Business Interview with Tom Brush, a Non-Profit Consultant / Entreprenuer

Let’s meet this episode’s guest – Tom Brush!

Tom Brush is a non-profit consultant / coach who partners with nonprofit leaders and organizations. He designs strategies to further engagement with their constituencies, effectively manage volunteers and boards, increase donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations, and creatively steward donors. After spending nearly 25 years working in development and involvement with nonprofits, Tom knows what drives engagement and increases giving.

In that time, Tom has worked on four comprehensive fundraising campaigns which all achieved their goal; built and managed annual fundraising appeals that have increased giving; developed engagement and communications plans that increased participation; identified, cultivated, solicited and steward major gift prospects for gifts up to $250,000; and created and directed events that increased net revenue.

As the founder of Advancement Designs, Tom has supported nonprofits of all sizes and has strong connections in the higher education advancement industry. Twice he has been on the planning committee of the CASE District II annual conference planning committee. He has regularly presented at conferences and in front of groups large and small.

Serving as an Associate Consultant with the Maryland Association of Nonprofits (MANO), Tom holds a Bachelor’s degree, an MBA, and has served as president of two nonprofit boards.Tom Brush, a Non-Profit Consultant / Entreprenuer

Outside of his passion for consulting and coaching nonprofit professionals and organizations, Tom loves to network, connect with other professionals and officiate girls and women’s lacrosse.

As a result of working with Tom, nonprofits have focused their efforts enabling them to spend more time engaging, soliciting and steward their donors generating more support and revenue for their organization.

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