My Interview with Darlisa Diltz – Managing Director of a Successful Enterprenuership Center

My Interview with Darlisa Diltz – Managing Director of a Successful Enterprenuership Center

My Interview with Darlisa Diltz – Managing Director of a Successful Enterprenuership Center, during this episode, I dive into how a Texan native started an economic revolution in north Texas. Her education and training offers services to help entreprenuers. It was established as the first minority owned Entrepreneur Center in North Texas. It is called the North Texas Entreprenuer Education and Training Center and it is an education and training facility designed with early stage entrepreneurs in mind.  Her organization provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to come and establish their business value right out of the gate. As a network of business professionals, we are seasoned in growing and developing aspiring entrepreneurs from many stages in the business cycle.

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“When it’s all said and done….the growth of those around me determine my measure of success.”

She is a Master Millennial, Speaker, Innovator,  and Influential Business Strategist! Best known in the community for strategic planning, business development strategies, and professional empowerment, Darlisa has blazed the trail of entrepreneurship with passion and force. Educated with bachelors in Marketing Management, Master’s in Business Administration and a Master’s of Science and Information Technology, she has used her knowledge to educate, empower, and encourage the lives of many individuals looking to make entrepreneurship a reality.

​Darlisa has worked with over 600 aspiring and seasoned business owners….helping them to perfect their passion as an Entrepreneur or to determine that Entrepreneurship was not right fit for them. In 2013, she started a youth program called the Youth Entrepreneurs Platform, which was the only independent curriculum-based youth entrepreneurship in the St. Louis market outside of Junior Achievement. In 2016, with a family move to the DFW area, she hit the ground running getting entrenched in the DFW Entrepreneur ecosystem. and has been blazing trails ever since.

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​The guest of Business Conversations with Ed Pisani Jr – Darlisa Diltz has many recent accomplishments:

– Featured in the Dallas Business Journal
– Helped to secure over 13M in capital investment funding
– Named Chair of the Dallas Entrepreneur Centers Ambassador Program
– Worked with the Collin SBDC to develop a Millennial-focused program to increase resource sharing opportunities
– Recruited to work with a New Orleans based company to develop a Millennial-focused business conference in partnership with America’s SBDC
– Recognized in Voyage Magazine as a Trail Blazer among DFW Influencers
– Nominated as the Startup Evangelist of the Year for the DFW State of Entrepreneurship

​As a measure of her heart and dedication to entrepreneurship, in November of 2018, she opened and independently funded the 1st African American owned Business Resource Center in the DFW community. As a privately funded organization, her center works to ensure a focus on educating and training Entrepreneurs on the practical foundations of entrepreneurship. They service business owners from any stage in the process. As a personal preference, Darlisa loves to provide resources to the underserved, under-serviced and micro-enterprise entities. It is her personal goal to partner with local business owners and organizations to grow the Entrepreneur ecosystem in Northeast Tarrant County.

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