Introduction: Business and Social Interviews by Ed Pisani Jr

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Overview of the Radio Show Podcast by Ed Pisani Jr

Ed Pisani Jr has been a successful entreprenuer since 2009.  Over the years, he has met and spoken to many interesting people (business / retired / charity / politicial). The purpose for the podcast radio show is to highlight and introduce those stories with the listeners. But it also discusses successes, experiences, and challenges the interviewees had to deal with.  

Ed is passionate about informing and educating his listeners as well.  The business talks cover a range of topics such as resume writing, interviewing, public speaking, entreprenuership, and so on.  These talks are more about increasing and improving the listener’s business knowledge base.  

Between the interviews and the talks it may give his listeners an advantage in their career life.  And who doesn’t like having an unfair advantage in their life? So subscribe to the radio show and listen regularly – thanks!

Alittle Bit About Ed Pisani Jr

Ed Pisani Jr is the President of the i4 advertising agency

Located in Deltona, Florida

Thank you for wanting to learn more about me. I am the business owner and handle day to day management of the company. My role is to manage all day-to-day operations; serve as the head of sales and marketing; manage all account relationships and all vendor relationships; to work directly with my staff, and to find new ways to improve the overall organization. When I am not running my advertising agency – I freelance as a professional photography and motivational speaker.  I hope you enjoy listening to my podcast and here is what people have been saying about over the years…

Patrick X. Velasquez – Systems Administrator – January 18, 2017

“Ed is a very energetic person. Willing to provide excellent service and is dedicated to is clients. He is very friendly person who goesthe distance for people.”

Danealle Marshall –  Escrow Officer – June 28, 2014

“I was a walk-in customer and in need of a few different business services. He was gracious enough to spend over an hour with me brainstorming ideas for different types of cards and promotional materials; we also discussed highest value networking events and how we could help each other grow our businesses. He is one of a kind. I not only left his facility with creative cards for a next day event, but a game plan for other marketing ideas, including digital media and design. He is clearly an out of the box thinker. I highly recommend Ed and his team to anyone. If you happen to visit his location in Deltona, get the tour and meet his graphics design specialist. it’s a WOW! moment.”

Luis Angel Ramos, Jr – Spanish Teacher – January 7, 2015

“Ed Pisani was a great co-worker and amazing leader who motivated all of us at the Central Florida Boy Scouts of America where we both worked as District Executives. Ed trained staff and continues to train others in different fields including: Sales, Non-For Profit Fund Raising and so on… I recommend Ed not only for business training but also community leadership training.”

So this is what people are saying about me and my company. So give me a call to start a conversation today – 407-416-1515

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