Visionary Sheryl Mays CEO Interview | Corporate Training | By Ed Pisani Jr

Visionary Sheryl Mays CEO Interview | Corporate Training | By Ed Pisani Jr

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Sheryl Mays enjoys working with individuals providing strategies on how to achieve their personal and professional goals. As a former VP of Admissions, (10 years) managing 25 campuses country-wide, she understands the importance of exceeding budgets, multiple markets, training and coaching employees at all levels and communicating with senior leadership. Mrs Sheryl Mays has extensive experience working country-wide with local education agencies; nonprofits; and the private sector. Her experience includes having served for years as an expert consultant, facilitating professional development workshops.

Sheryl MaysJack Canfield Certified Trainer

During that time, she has successfully managed productive teams by training and working side-by-side showing how to apply the knowledge. For more than 10 years, Sheryl Mays served as the Director of Development with several national non-profit organizations raising more than $2 million dollars annually. Her life purpose is to assist people in accomplishing their goals; helping them to experience joy, happiness and fulfillment. I enjoyed my social business interview with the Visionary CEO Sheryl Mays.

Sheryl Mays CEO Interview

Ed Pisani Jr is the host of the radio show podcast that has business conversational interviews. Ed Pisani Jr is proud to have Sheryl Mays CEO Interview in this episode because they had a chance to discuss numerous business growth strategies. As you know, business growth is tied to business success. By the end of the interview, he understood why this start up business CEO is passionate about her company helping other companys. Her company is driven to deliver high quality Corporate Sales Training, Keynote Speaking for companys, and Success Coaching when requested. Her business is located in Orlando, Florida. Listen to other great podcast episodes now! Click here