At-Risk Teens Charity Founder Labrena Coleman

At-Risk Teens Charity Founder Labrena ColemanAt-Risk Teens Charity Founder Labrena Coleman

Learn more about Labrena Coleman and Her Movement Inc.
LaBrena Coleman is an educator and pillar in the community of Clewiston Florida.  She officially started this charity in April of 2019. With the specific purpose of helping the community and to encourage & educate at-risk teenage girls. The charity’s vision is to help these youth learn how to become effective leaders, develop confidence, and create positive life choices. Thus, they can learn to use their voice and talents to help them achieve their maximum potential in life.
She has plenty of educational experience from being a teacher in the community to being a graduate of the University of Central Florida. Ms. Coleman is currently continuing her studies at Barry University pursuing a Masters Degree in Social Work. She is currently a Social Worker and proud to help her community in so many different ways.
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During this episode of Business Conversations with Ed Pisani Jr – the At-Risk Teens Charity CEO informs her successes and challenges

HER MOVEMENT INC· A group of young ladies who strives to become a better person and uplift others within their community. This non-profit organization is setup At-Risk Teens Charity Founder Labrena Colemanto help at-risk teens and allow them to have:

  • Sisterhood!
  • Community Service Opportunities!
  • Become Uplifting all Mankind!
  • & Of Course Dancing for Fun!
As CEO of the at-risk teens charity, Labrena is most proud of all the girls in the organization! Their grades, attitudes, mental, and physical health are improving. They are growing and glowing!  Therefore, the charity mission is being achieved and the results of her efforts are being felt all around the community that she passionately serves.

At-Risk Teens Charity Founder Labrena Coleman

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My interview with Rajeev Mudumba – Business Executive Coach

My interview with Rajeev Mudumba – Business Executive Coach

My Interview with Rajeev Mudumba – Business Executive Coach and Author of Plan B Success is very thought provoking. During this episode, I dive into how a hard working Indian American that was born in India started an economic thought revolution in the USA. His education is vast and his work experience seems to be endless during my captivating interview with Rajeev. The Plan B Success was established as a podcast with thought-provoking business & personal growth. He offers business executive coaching for veteran and inspiring Entrepreneurs and Professionals.
As my interview progresses, Rajeev freely shares what he has learned and understands first hand that not everyone ends up in their dream business or career at the get-go. He strives to explain that we make attempts and based on learning experiences. He wants to people understand it is okay to keep adjusting our course from time to time. But, there are things he knows, we are passionate about, that we long to pursue these passions. As a successful business executive, he already understands where happiness lies is where we all can find success. I am grateful that Rajeev allowed me to interview him and learn where his happiness lies is in helping the most number of people achieve their dreams.

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My interview with Rajeev Mudumba - Business Executive Coach

Rajeev Mudumba is a dynamic entrepreneur, executive, business strategist, coach, and advisor. He is also an accomplished author, speaker and thought leader. Above all, Rajeev is a die hard optimist with a “can do” attitude.

Throughout his professional life, Rajeev has built profitable, value-based businesses, nurtured strategic partnerships and built lifelong friendships. He has worked with organizations and individuals to remedy challenges and achieve results. Rajeev has achieved stellar results in international business, startups, new business lines, and now, is focused on helping you succeed in your profession and/ or business and get the most out of your life.

Rajeev Mudumba – Business Exceutive Coach

Rajeev hosts an award-winning popular podcast, Plan B Success ( where he shares insightful and thought-provoking personal and business growth strategies and interviews inspiring entrepreneurs and professionals. Visit for more information.  He also speaks and writes frequently on the topics of personal and professional growth, self-empowerment, life & career coaching among others.

My interview with Rajeev Mudumba – Business Executive Coach

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He has recently launched his book “My Inspiration: Quotes that shaped my self improvement journey” which is available on Amazon @ My Inspiration: Quotes that shaped my self improvement journey. Rajeev has delivered several keynote/ topical speeches at national & international conferences. Therefore,he has made it his mission to extract from his experiences and share value to mentor individuals, current/ future entrepreneurs and executives, startups, scale-ups, and large corporations. Did you know that his accolades include:
  • World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana’s 2010 Global Visionary Award
  • Business First of Louisville’s Forty Under 40 Award
  • Telehealth and Medicine Today’s 2016 Publisher’s Award
  • Indian Achievers Forum’s 2017 Indian Achievers’ Award for Healthcare and Education.
Find Rajeev Mudumba Online Now!

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Christy Ogle Franchise CEO | Business Conversations with Ed Pisani Jr.


Christy Ogle – Franchise Start Up CEO | Business Conversations with Ed Pisani Jr.

I had the pleasure of getting to know this successful entreprenuer – Christy Ogle Franchise CEO. She and husband started a home cleaning / handyman business that very profitable in Waco Texas.

Christy & Max Ogle have are building an empire together, one brick at a time. Christy & Max focus on putting family first, that is what they are obsessed about. Can you believe that Christy & Max are two of the founders of a wildly 5 successful business, Sometimes Spouse, Jennyism of the Day, Christy & Max’s Consulting, Sometimes Partners and Sometimes Love in Waco, TX. Max & Christy believe in helping others to be successful in their own personal lives, as well as in business lives and beyond.

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Christy and her business partners decided to franchise the business and take it to the next level.  Since then, numerous franchisees have joined her franchise and she is proud to watch the franchise grow.  Not only is she successul in business but she has proud to have earned more time with her family.  She believes in putting family first and her values during our conversation has clearly shown that.

Get to know more about Christy Ogle Franchise CEO that was a guest on Business Conversations with Ed Pisani Jr.

Christy Ogle was born in Springfield, Missouri, the oldest of two children. She graduated from Fort Scott Community College, with an Associates of Science. Christy then attended College of the Ozarks, where she worked her way thru college @ Hard Work U. While working three jobs she earned a Bachelors of Science degree, with a major in Psychology. During college, she met ‘the one’ and later married to her college sweetheart Max Ogle, they have been together for over 20 years. She is the mother of three children.

Christy moved from Missouri in 2007, and found her home in Texas 13 years ago. Prior to this, Christy was a domestic engineer for 10 years, and then began passionately advocating for those with intellectual disabilities, for over eight years. Did you know, Christy was the statewide coordinator for a planning process for individuals with developmental disabilities for 4 years? Yes it is true – she had a vast wealth of business experience prior to becoming an entreprenuer.

Christy is the co-founder and CEO of 5 different companies. Mrs. Ogle’s biggest company is Sometimes Spouse, which she is the co-founder, and their are multiple franchises throughout 5 different states. Her husband and herself are a supporters of many charities all over the country. Recently, she is also the co-founder of Sometimes Love, a non-profit that helps those diagnosed with Cancer to get help around the house. As community minded business owner, Christy is dedicated to helping others, and putting family first. Plus, Christy enjoys spending time with her family camping, traveling, hiking, helping others and SUPing in her free time. So what is Christy’s number 1 priority in life is to put family first, and help other families to put their family first.

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If you enjoyed this episode my business conversations radio podcast show and want to listen to even more great episodes visit our podcast feed and download every episode. Ed Pisani Jr is always interested in interviewing and talking socially with business people retired or active. He wants to inform, entertain, and educate everyone listening to the series with new and interesting business content and perspectives. Listen to other great podcast episodes now! Click here

Life & Health Insurance Agency Owner – Lorena Tomasini | Business Conversation by Ed Pisani Jr.

Insurance Agency Owner Interview! | Business Conversations by Ed Pisani Jr

Life & Health Insurance Agency Owner – Lorena Tomasini

Learn more about Lorena Tomasini, the agency owner of MALM Life & Health Insurance Agency

About Lorena Tomasini – Insurance Agency Owner

​Lorena Tomasini is involved in a successful family business. Her and her mother run the business togther as business partners. This dynamic mother and daughter duo bring passion and focus to the Miami Florida market. They’re a mother-daughter team working together for the past 12 years and by experience they understand what life insurance means for individuals, families and small business owners. Financial protection of families and businesses are important decisions to make. Ms Tomasini hopes to pass our knowledge to our prospects, referrals and clients in a fun and interesting way.

In Miami, she spends her days talking to individuals, families, and small business owners about how they can prepare for their future. No one knows what the future might bring but she can have peace of mind knowing that many things will be covered by owning life insurance.  Lorena gets that most of her job is educational in nature, defining terms and explaining benefits so that people can make an informed decision. She represents many companies that she believes in, yet working for the client and not just one carrier. Your needs, health and budget are not the same as your neighbor, spouse, or friend. Therefore, one size fits all does not apply  when working with her.

When you work with her or one of her agents at MALM Life & Health Insurance Agency you’ll see the difference. They do things virtually, either over the phone, screen share or video chat. So you can be anywhere in Florida whether that is Orlando, Downtown, Jacksonville, Doral, or any other city.

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The Lorena Tomasini Interview

Ed Pisani Jr is the host of the radio show podcast that has business conversational interviews. Ed Pisani Jr is proud to have Lorena Tomasini on his show for an interview. In this episode, they had a chance to discuss Lorena’s business knowledge in reference to life insurance and health insurance. She understands she is not in the business of sales; she is in the business of providing peace of mind.  She wants people to know ‘what you’re buying is something that we won’t really know what type of impact will have on you, your loved ones or maybe your business.

Did you know that family businesses are starting up all over the country and the world? She shares insights on making the family business become successful with their family and to create viable businesses.  Lorena Tomasini is one of those business leaders in Miami Florida setting the tone in her industry. By the end of the interview, Ed Pisani Jr understood why this insurance professional was so passionate about her industry and the focus to help others.  Her insurance agency is located in Miami Florida. Listen to other great podcast episodes now! Click here

Vampire Book Author Marc J Ritorto | Business Conversation by Ed Pisani Jr.

Vampire Book Author Marc J Ritorto | Business Conversation by Ed Pisani Jr.

Learn more about Marc Ritorto, the writer of Marcus The Vampire: THE DARK WORLD CHRONICLES

About Marc Ritorto

Marc Ritorto , a best selling author is a father for 4 daughters including Kristina Ritorto. He is a musician, writer and a martial artist and a podcaster. He just started writing books for fun last 2018. My first self-published book is called The Cabal was just released on Amazon in the beginning of 2019. He currently working on his my second action book about a Vampire. He also has plans to write a sequel for The Cabal book series along with spin offs base on the characters in The Cabal: The Saga Begins.  His family’s website is You can follow him on Amazon – Marcus The Vampire: THE DARK WORLD CHRONICLES

The Vampire Book Overview…

Marcus was a happy family man until Hitler’s reign of tyranny came. He was captured and tortured in a Nazi Camp. It was his grandmother’s magic that save him from death by turning him into a vampire. He now struggles with the loss of his wife and keeping his daughter safe from not only from Nazis but from the creatures that live in the realm of the Dark World including vampires, werewolves and witches.How will Marcus protect his daughter from the dangers of the Dark World? Read the novel and find out.This book is great for anyone who loves vampire fantasy novels.

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The Marc J Ritorto Interview

Ed Pisani Jr is the host of the radio show podcast that has business conversational interviews. Ed Pisani Jr is proud to have Marc Ritorto on his show for an interview. In this episode, they had a chance to discuss Marc’ new book about Marcus the Vampire.  Did you know that businesses are starting up all over the web including on Amazon.  Many business people are exploring their passions with their family  to create viable businesses.  Marc is one of those business leaders setting the tone in this industry of fantasy book writer families. By the end of the interview, Ed Pisani Jr understood why this start up author was so passionate about writing fantasy books about vampires.  His book publishing family business is located in New Jersey. Listen to other great podcast episodes now! Click here

Why is my website SEO not working? SEO by Ed Pisani Jr.

Why is my website SEO not working? SEO by Ed Pisani Jr.

I think everyone’s goal with a website is to get people to look at it. Whether you want to inform, entertain, promote yourself or your portfolio, introduce your products / services to the world, the list for having a website is endless.  Simply, most people want to build a fanbase or ausience they can count on to return to their website. But alot of times, people ask this question: Why is my website SEO not working? Hopefully, this article and podcast will begin to answer that question for you.

My website is shares services I offer and my radio show podcast.  Obviously, having good SEO is important for my website to get noticed.  Therefore, I wanted to discuss the many ways to get found on online using SEO (or more formally called Search Engine Optimization). Basicly, SEO is a collection of strategies and techniques aimed at helping your pages rank higher in search engines results. This increases your site’s visibility and can help it really take off.

Website SEO not working – learn more with Ed Pisani Jr.

In this blog article and podcast I wanted to open the door and create an Introduction to SEO. But more importantly, explain the myths and realities and Why It Matters now more than ever. Let’s think about it together, when you look for something (or anything) on the internet, there’s one place all of us turn to: a search engine.

A search engine is Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook, Youtube, and even Pinterest is one…but there are many more. This means if we want to get our websites noticed, we’ll need to ensure that it appears in searches on Google and these other places too. Most importantly, we’ll want our sites to appear as close as possible to the top of the list. Of course that’s why SEO is important (outside of PPC advertising).  It is the best way to get found online. Many website owners do this is through SEO, which has a wide range of strategies and activities based off what we know about how search engines determine their rankings.

Why is my website SEO not working? SEO by Ed Pisani Jr.

There are many benefits to optimizing a website for search engines, including:

  • A website that ranks highly in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) has greater visibility and the best chance at increased traffic.
  • A highly-ranked site appears more credible and trustworthy.
  • You’ll present visitors with more useful and relevant information since Search Engine Optimization often focuses on producing quality content.
  • If you e-commerce focused it could lead to more sales

Everyone started as a total SEO newbie, so don’t hit the panic button. I have created an amazing podcast business talk about this subject.  If you have created a WordPress website, you’ve already taken a big step since the platform is well-optimized for search engines. Plus, there are plenty of simple and beginner-friendly ways to give your WordPress site a push towards the top of the rankings. So I will be writing more about this subject and making more podcast business talks about it too… so enjoy listening to my podcast on SEO.

Best Cover Letter Tips | Writing a great cover letter to get you hired | Business Talk with Ed Pisani Jr

Best Cover Letter Tips | Writing a great cover letter to get you hired | Business Talk with Ed Pisani Jr

Best Cover Letter Tips:  Get hired faster.

What makes a good cover letter?

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code


City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name (or To Whom It May Consider) :

I am interested in the position title advertised on XYZ. My resume is enclosed for your review. Given my related experience and excellent capabilities I would appreciate your consideration for this job opening. My skills are an ideal match for this position.

Cover Letter Sample Template Continued by Ed Pisani Jr – Best Cover Letter Tips

Your Requirements:

  • Responsible for operations in sample location and other facilities, including: overview of skills (i.e. solving customer problems, dealing with emergencies, enforcement of department policies, & etc.).
  • Assists with hiring, training, and management
  • Valid state driver’s license with good driving record. Ability to travel if required.

My Qualifications:

  • Connect Bullet 1 with your relevant skills and abilities
  • Connect Bullet 2 with your relevant skills and abilities
  • Connect Bullet 3 with your relevant skills and abilities

I appreciate your taking the time to review my credentials and experience. Again, thank you for your consideration and if you need to contact my phone is __________ and email address is___________.


Your Signature (for mailed letter)
Your Typed Name

Let’s talk about Your Cover Letter in depth for a few minutes…

Did you know that writing the best cover letter may be one of the most difficult to master. It’s very important because it’s the first thing your potential employer sees. Here are a few popular questions I get about cover letter prep… How long should it be? What should you write about? Do people even really read those things? Well, the truth is yes – many hiring managers and employers do look at the cover letter as an essential piece of the hiring process but not all read it.

I want to look at three things you can do to help you write the best possible cover letter.

1. Make It Look Nice.  Yuip, it is important to make a good first impression on paper. I mean really, if you take the time to get ready (grooming, ironing your clothes, and etc. why stop there?) This show you are detail oriented and look closely at all the minor details. The way your letter is formatted says a lot about you. Even if everything is a recipe for a good to perfect cover letter, if your layout looks unprofessional, so will you. Consider using only easy-to-read font, and make sure you include your name and contact information at the top, but not in the header. After that, the information in it depends on the kind of job you’re applying for.

For a more traditional company, a standard three-paragraph letter will do. If you want to work somewhere that maybe very busy, you might want to use a bullet point list so it’s easy to scan.

2. Avoid Being Generic / Cut and Paste. Let’s look at the address first, it can be tricky, especially if you’re not quite sure who will be reading it. If you’ve already been communicating with someone or know who makes the hiring decisions, simply plug in that person(s) name. If, however, you’re not quite sure who’s going to end up reading your letter, you might be tempted to use “To Whom It May Concern” “Hiring Manage” or another generic opening. It can be debated if this a good direction or not based on the company size and the amount of research you do for the job. Will it help stand out? Maybe.So my recommendation is do your research before writing the letter but if worse comes to worse just plug in something that is respectful and professional sounding.

Should you write an amazing greeting or a traditional one? It really depends on your personality style. But either way try to avoid being so generic that the interviewer is looking at your letter and saying to themsles that you copy pasted a template from Google. So focus on your personality to create a great opening sentence, not a boring over used one. This is one reason you want to avoid a generic greeting because carries through to the rest of your cover letter as well.

Remember, your resume lists your experiences, education and skills. Your cover letter is your best chance to introduce yourself on paper and hopefully make yourself stand out from the crowd. So, don’t be generic. Avoid being vague or just throwing in buzzwords they’ve probably heard before. Be specific about who you are and your skills / talents you can bring to the table. It’s okay to use percentages or numerical figures from your past performance reports. Using a few numbers can really help illustrate a point on why you are the best candidate for the job. For example, “I increased trained staff members by 35 percent” is better than “I  trained staff memebers.” Lastly dont’ forget never repeat what you said on your resume.

My Cover Letter Thoughts Continued by Ed Pisani Jr – Best Cover Letter Tips

3. Keep It Short & Again Check Your Cover Letter for Mistakes…
When it comes to cover letters, less really is more. So write it to be quick and easy to read, since they’ll probably only glance at it until you grab their attention with something interesting. No need to write a 2 page cover letter unless you are a CEO level candidate and this article isn’t really written for you.  Try to avoid adding extra buzzwords that make your letter sound fancy or professional. Simply make your point(s) and finish the letter as strong as you can. (hint hint – ask for the job in your cover letter)  If you’re writing your letter in the body of an email, you should lean even harder toward the short side becuase people are skimming emails more and more lately. Remember, you can say a more about yourself in an attached document or physical letter.

When you meet someone for the first time, it only takes them seven seconds to form an opinion about you. Job applications operate the same way. If you don’t get their attention right away, you probably won’t get a second chance. Keep the opening sentence short to the point and in line with your personality style. It’s okay to let them know the job you are applying for in case your resume gets separated from your cover letter. Human errors happen so don’t assume anything. Tell them something unique about yourself, show them why you really want this job or explain your proudest accomplishment.

An easy way to kill your chances of getting an interview is to leave typos and grammer errors in your cover letter. That’s why it’s very important to check and recheck your work. Ask someone to help you edit it as well. Use online and word processor spelling tools like Grammarly and Spell Check too Again, it’s a great idea to have someone read over your letter and look for any mistakes before you send it in. Alot of writing professionals wait a day after writing, and then go back to check for mistakes and edit. My final thought on using the best cover letter tips is always write a cover letter. Because you want to use every chance possible to make a positive first impression with a possible new employer. So spend more time making sure your cover letter is as good as it can be.

Visionary Sheryl Mays CEO Interview | Corporate Training | By Ed Pisani Jr

Visionary Sheryl Mays CEO Interview | Corporate Training | By Ed Pisani Jr

Learn About More Sheryl Mays of Rise and Shine CF, LLC

Sheryl Mays enjoys working with individuals providing strategies on how to achieve their personal and professional goals. As a former VP of Admissions, (10 years) managing 25 campuses country-wide, she understands the importance of exceeding budgets, multiple markets, training and coaching employees at all levels and communicating with senior leadership. Mrs Sheryl Mays has extensive experience working country-wide with local education agencies; nonprofits; and the private sector. Her experience includes having served for years as an expert consultant, facilitating professional development workshops.

Sheryl MaysJack Canfield Certified Trainer

During that time, she has successfully managed productive teams by training and working side-by-side showing how to apply the knowledge. For more than 10 years, Sheryl Mays served as the Director of Development with several national non-profit organizations raising more than $2 million dollars annually. Her life purpose is to assist people in accomplishing their goals; helping them to experience joy, happiness and fulfillment. I enjoyed my social business interview with the Visionary CEO Sheryl Mays.

Sheryl Mays CEO Interview

Ed Pisani Jr is the host of the radio show podcast that has business conversational interviews. Ed Pisani Jr is proud to have Sheryl Mays CEO Interview in this episode because they had a chance to discuss numerous business growth strategies. As you know, business growth is tied to business success. By the end of the interview, he understood why this start up business CEO is passionate about her company helping other companys. Her company is driven to deliver high quality Corporate Sales Training, Keynote Speaking for companys, and Success Coaching when requested. Her business is located in Orlando, Florida. Listen to other great podcast episodes now! Click here

Interview with a Comic Book Artist – Hannah Cruz

Interview with a Comic Book Artist – Hannah Cruz

Learn more about our episode’s guest

Hannah Cruz (AKA Dracorium) is a person with a passion mightier than any prophecy. Destined to practice medicine by family tradition, I kicked fate in the shins and journeyed beyond the realm. There she discovered something amazing: an unbridled love for storytelling. Though her ideas may be vast, Hannah Cruz had a lot to learn before she was ready to inspire anyone. But she believes, stories can influence the world.

As an artist, Hannah Cruz will use any medium necessary to create the greatest narratives I can deliver whether it be through comics, movies, or video games. And if I can help any artists along the way with their own endeavors, that’s an great bonus. She is currently studying at FullSail University and looks forward to increasing her career in more mediums in the art industry.

Enjoy listening to my Interview with a Comic Book Artist – Hannah Cruz by Ed Pisani Jr  The Business and Social Interviews by Ed Pisani Jr, is a radio show podcast discusses small business and stories about it.  Each guest shares their insights, stories, successes, and challenges with the hope to help other business professionals.

Featured Comic Book Artist – comic origibal creation to take a look at…  Quarhum
Brief Overview… Everything in a man’s past catches up with him eventually. This man is a protector: first to his family, then to humanity. He does what he can to prepare his children for a world that he’s withheld from them. However, a father can only do so much till his past twists their future into something much more complicated. Start reading it on webtoons now!

Know Your Clients!

Ed Pisani Jr

Know Your Clients!

An Ed Pisani Jr. Insight: Know your clients (customers / donors / etc.) and who they are.
Here are 4 good things to consider when selling to someone…
First, Take time to describe your prospective buyer.  No seriously, open your business plan and look at the written marketing plan(s).  Review the targeted buyers, what is their niche markets, where do they live, what is their household income, why your product or service is a value to them, and how they are most likely to wanting or needing from your product or service.  Look at your strategies that will help you to connect to them (i.e. with business cards, banners, predefined slogans, direct mailers, newspaper ads, maybe AdWords or some form viral/organic marketing)
Second, Revisit and determine ‘why’ they should buy your product or service.  Take time to have training sessions or detailed informal conversation(s) with your sales team on this subject.  More and more young people getting into professional careers are looking to understand ‘why’ they need to do or say something.  This is critically important to explain the reasoning and purpose to help your sales team buy-in the ‘why’ and get your valued client/donor to give you money.  You already know how great your product or service is, but make certain your team is passionate about communicating it correctly. Plus, remember to try to determine what will be new, different, or special to keep your clients/donors coming back for more.
Third, Listen, Listen and Listen Some More!  Sales people and business leaders have huge egos and love to hear themselves talk.  But, the best and most savvy business veterans, always know when to listen to the buyer(s).  By listening to your prospective buyer(s) – you can learn what their motivation is. (Why do they want to talk to you?  Do they need an immediate solution or are they simply on a fact finding mission?  Do all they care about is an affordable price or did they have a bad experience somewhere else?)  It is smart to listen to them and establish a relationship, so you can better inspire them to invest in your product or service – over and over again.

Lastly, create defined advantages of your product or service to your prospective buyers.  Let me give you some good examples to think about:

The Boy Scouts offer a great service.  What you may ask?  Well by delivering character education to young people by using outdoor experiences.  Their ‘Defined Advantage’ is using camping trips to teach boys how to become good citizens.

Let’s look at another organization, Apple offers a good product – the iphone. The iphone by Apple gives the user a unique and personal phone/email/web experience daily.  Their ‘Defined Advantage’ is the average consumer can start their iphone with their fingerprint.

Finally, did you know, the creator of NyQuil couldn’t originally correct the drowsiness side effect. So, the company made it a ‘Defined Advantage’ by selling it as a bedtime cold medicine. It became the largest selling cold medicine on the market. Just because your product is good doesn’t mean it will sell. Your prospective buyers need to see the ‘defined advantage’ of your valuable product or service.

Call me for help with your marketing, advertising, SEO, branding, and planning needs at 407-416-1515

Hiring New Employees | Startup Business Basics | Business Talk by Ed Pisani Jr

Hiring New Employees | Startup Business Basics | Business Talk by Ed Pisani Jr

Tips and tricks that Ed Pisani Jr has used for hiring a good employee.  Further, experiences with reviewing a resume of the wrong potential employee. Below is some important reference notes to begin the journey of hiring a new employee. Remember that this podcast Hiring New Employees | Startup Business Basics | Business Talk by Ed Pisani Jr is setup to help you grow your business.  This list is a starting point and it is not everything you need to accomplish based on your personal business situation.

If you’re hiring your first employee, congratulations! It’s important to start off on the right foot as an employer by making sure you follow all of the legal rules that now apply to you. From tax forms to government registrations to insurance requirements and more, being an employer carries a number of new obligations.  Ed Pisani Jr is not an attorney or CPA, so he suggests you look at hiring those individuals when necessary. You’ll find his basic to-do list for new employers numbered in order below.

2. Register with your state’s labor department.

Once you bring on employees, you will have to pay state unemployment compensation taxes. These payments go to your state’s unemployment compensation fund, which provides short-term relief to workers wholose their jobs. Go to the Department of Labor’s website for a list of state unemployment insurance tax agencies.

3. Get workers’ compensation insurance.

You should have workers’ comp coverage to protect workers who might suffer on-the-job injuries. Workers’ comp insurance is required in the vast majority of states, although some make an exception for very small employers.

4. Set up a payroll system to withhold taxes.

You’ll need to withhold a portion of each employee’s income and deposit it with the IRS, and also make Social Security and Medicare tax payments to the IRS. For more information, get IRS Publication 15, Circular E, Employer’s Tax Guide from the IRS website at (You may also have to withhold taxes for your state. For more information, check with your state’s tax agency; you can find links to each state’s agency at the website of the Federation of Tax Administrators at

Hiring New Employees | Startup Business Basics | Business Talk by Ed Pisani Jr

5. Have each employee fill out IRS Form W-4, Withholding Allowance Certificate.

On the W-4 form, employees tell you how many allowances they are claiming for tax purposes, so that you can withhold the correct amount of tax from their paychecks. (You don’t have to file the form with the IRS.) You can find this form at You should ask employees to fill out a new W-4 form each year if they want to change their allowances.

6. Fill out Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification for each new employee.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, formerly known as the INS) requires employers to use this form to verify that every employee they hire is eligible to work in the United States. (You don’t have to file this form with the USCIS, but you must keep it in your files for three years and make it available for inspection by officials of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE.) You can obtain the form online at Note that these filled out forms should be kept in a separate I-9 folder for all employees — not in each employee’s personnel file.

7. Report each new employee to your state’s new hire reporting agency.

The new hire reporting program requires employers to report information on all new employees for the purpose of locating parents who owe child support. Each state has a different new hire reporting agency. To find the name and address of your state’s new hire reporting agency, see the State New Hire Reporting page at the Administration for Children & Families website (

Several government agencies require employers to post notices providing information on worker rights for their employees. For information on required federal posters, go to the Department of Labor website at The DOL’s “Poster Advisor” will help you determine which posters you must display in your workplace. In addition, you must comply with your state department of labor’s poster requirements. A list of state departments of labor is included on the federal Department of Labor’s website.

9. File IRS Form 940 each year.

You must file IRS Form 940 to report your federal unemployment tax for any year in which you paid wages of $1,500 or more in any quarter or for any year in which an employee worked for you in any 20 or more different weeks of the year. You can find the form at

10. Adopt workplace safety measures.

Virtually every employer must comply with the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) by, among other things, providing a workplace free of hazards, training employees to do their jobs safely, notifying government administrators about serious workplace accidents, and keeping detailed safety records. For information on these rules, go to website of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration at

11. Create an employee handbook.

Although not required, it is an excellent idea to have a handbook describing your business’s employee policies and making it clear that employment is at will unless an employee has signed a written employment contract. A great resource is Create Your Own Employee Handbook: A Legal & Practical Guide, by Lisa Guerin and Amy DelPo (Nolo).

12. Set up personnel files.

For each employee you hire, create a file in which to keep job-related documents, such as job applications, employment offers, IRS Form W-4, performance evaluations, and sign-up forms for employee benefits. Medical records should be kept in a separate, confidential file, in a locked cabinet. And you should store I-9 Forms, which document an employee’s immigration status, in a separate file as well.

13. Set up employee benefits.

If your business has established employee benefit programs such as health insurance or a 401(k) plan, you’ll need a sign-up procedure so employees can enroll, name their dependents, and select options.

Mission and Vision Statements – What is a good one?

Mission and Vision Statements – What is a good one?

Let’s talk about Mission and Vision Statements , over the years, I have been able to help new businesses and charities start up. Again and again it seems that the most important topic in the mind of a startup owner(s) is the mission statement.  Most new entities feel that is the first thing they need create. It is like they are thinking – “I need a slogan, mission, and vision or people will not see me as a ‘real business’.”  Well to be honest, the mission is central to the business but on a day one, the most important goal is to define the business’s profitability and internal processes.  Once that is layed out, it is better to circle around and tie it all together with a simple statement. But I disgress, back when I was active in a new startup chamber of commerce, I was active in the organizing/admin/operations committee. At that time, a few of us were have a lively conversation about mission/vision statements. With a lot of opinions shared of course, the friendly argument on what is a good mission and vision statement is an ongoing one…
So I decided to write on my blog about the subject – is it better for a mission and vision statement to be shorter or longer?  

Here are a few little known facts about the average length of each:1 – Nationally average mission statement is about 15 words long not including brand positioning components.

2 – Nationally average vision statement is about 14 words long not including brand related components.

So what is a branding component when used in a mission statement? 

Well, that is straight forward, it is the official business name or in some cases it’s nickname. Plus wording like: “The mission(or vision) of ……” But a well crafted brand related positioning statements generally include but isn’t limited to the following:

1 – A basic description of it’s target audience

2 – A basic goals/reasons for reaching and engaging it’s target audience

3 – What makes it different and special – in some cases more competitive

Okay, longer is better – right?

Maybe not – the best mission and vision statements should be concise, easy to understand, and of course easy to remember as well.

Okay, shorter is better – right?

Well, maybe not – when the statements become to short it could mislead or confuse someone (i.e. the client) about what you do.

Okay, so what’s the answer when it comes to a good mission or vision statement?

Here is my final thought – the best mission statement serves as the foundation of the organization that easily understood by the general public and the best vision statement clearly serves to enhance the mission with an artistic or a literal wording on why the organization should be deemed relevant.  Either way just smile because you as the owner or the organization’s board of directors (i.e. you pluralized) have the final say on the subject. (as long as you feel confident and you are making money – just keep smiling)

Want more insights on this subject?  Call me for a consultation about this topic or visit my business’s website:

Interview with Felicia Benzo – At-Risk Youth Charity Founder

Interview with Felicia Benzo – At-Risk Youth Charity Founder & Social Entreprenuer

In this episode, we will be taking a deep dive look into successes and stories from a charity founder.  Our guest has been an active social entreprenuer helping to improve the communities in Volusia County Florida. Her desire to serve is discussed in the interview, Also, the interview gives a unique perspective into what it takes to successfully start up a charity.  My interview with Felicia Benzo is eye opening yet entertaining and I hope you gain alot of insights for what drives you.

Who is our guest this episode?

FELICIA BENZO, MHA – FOUNDER and CEO, CATALYST Global Youth Initiatives, Inc.

Ms. Benzo created CATALYST Global Youth Initiatives, Inc. in 2010. It has developed programs like The DREAM Club and the Summer Literacy and Leadership Academy to bring hope to children and to inspire them to greatness.

Benzo believes that the mentoring relationship demonstrates to children that they are valued. Further, it is important and helps them to develop positive opinions of themselves and others, and encourages them to excel. As of 2018, CATALYST mentoring is active in 27 Volusia County Schools.

CATALYST mentors come from varying professions, businesses and experiences, and like mentees, are of different race and ethnicity. Each mentor shares a willingness to make a difference in a child’s life by spending as little as 30 minutes a week with them focusing on their academics, self-esteem and communication skills.

My Interview with Felicia Benzo and more about her charity…

CATALYST mentoring helps mentees, from ages 8 to 19, understand that their circumstances don’t define them. They teach children how to become problem solvers and to find purpose in their future. Mentors play an essential role in encouraging children to develop the skills and tools. This is necessary to broaden their perspective to see a world of opportunities, and to assist them in successfully navigating their way through adulthood.

Benzo knows firsthand the struggles of being raised in a single-parent household for she lost her father to cancer at age 10.  She experienced utilities being cut off and at times not having enough food. However, with the help of many adult mentors in her life, and her fierce determination, she discovered her circumstances did not define her. Benzo was able to create a life of greatness and now inspires others to do the same.

Benzo holds a Master of Health and Hospital Administration from Long Island University. After practicing medicine for decades in New York, Benzo became a financial advisor. She authored two books, Raising Kings and Parents AND You Are Your Child’s Problem. She is a motivational speaker as well as male and minority achievement speaker. Further, she is a seminar / academy facilitator; a mom of four successful sons and a grandmother of nine.

Despite all of her accomplishments, Ms. Felicia Benzo will tell you her greatest achievement is mobilizing the adult community to engage with children and inspire children to greatness. Become a CATALYST Mentor.

The CATALYST Effect – My interview with Felicia Benzo

Benzo and her team of mentors want only the best for CATALYST mentees. Benzo expects greatness in attitude, behavior and academics. When mentees are asked what is expected of them, the collective immediate response is always “GREATNESS.” They believe it, become it and live it.

One sign of success in this relatively young organization, is that mentees who have gone through the program have finished high school. Numerous of the mentees are now wanting to become mentors themselves. They have experienced the positive impact mentoring has had on their own life and want to do the same for someone younger. That is the CATALYST Effect!

Interview with Felicia Benzo, Charity, 501c3, Volusia County Schools, Mentors, Mentorship, Central Florida, Business and Social Interviews with Ed Pisani Jr.

Interview with a Local Business Artist – Jason Misla

Interview with a Local Business Artist – Jason Misla

My first interview with a Local Business Artist – Jason Misla for my podcast series.  I hope you enjoy the conversation and learn more about the art world.

Discussion of Art Style and social conversation of his journey as a Artist in a demanding art industry.


Introduction: Business and Social Interviews by Ed Pisani Jr

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Overview of the Radio Show Podcast by Ed Pisani Jr

Ed Pisani Jr has been a successful entreprenuer since 2009.  Over the years, he has met and spoken to many interesting people (business / retired / charity / politicial). The purpose for the podcast radio show is to highlight and introduce those stories with the listeners. But it also discusses successes, experiences, and challenges the interviewees had to deal with.  

Ed is passionate about informing and educating his listeners as well.  The business talks cover a range of topics such as resume writing, interviewing, public speaking, entreprenuership, and so on.  These talks are more about increasing and improving the listener’s business knowledge base.  

Between the interviews and the talks it may give his listeners an advantage in their career life.  And who doesn’t like having an unfair advantage in their life? So subscribe to the radio show and listen regularly – thanks!

Alittle Bit About Ed Pisani Jr

Ed Pisani Jr is the President of the i4 advertising agency

Located in Deltona, Florida

Thank you for wanting to learn more about me. I am the business owner and handle day to day management of the company. My role is to manage all day-to-day operations; serve as the head of sales and marketing; manage all account relationships and all vendor relationships; to work directly with my staff, and to find new ways to improve the overall organization. When I am not running my advertising agency – I freelance as a professional photography and motivational speaker.  I hope you enjoy listening to my podcast and here is what people have been saying about over the years…

Patrick X. Velasquez – Systems Administrator – January 18, 2017

“Ed is a very energetic person. Willing to provide excellent service and is dedicated to is clients. He is very friendly person who goesthe distance for people.”

Danealle Marshall –  Escrow Officer – June 28, 2014

“I was a walk-in customer and in need of a few different business services. He was gracious enough to spend over an hour with me brainstorming ideas for different types of cards and promotional materials; we also discussed highest value networking events and how we could help each other grow our businesses. He is one of a kind. I not only left his facility with creative cards for a next day event, but a game plan for other marketing ideas, including digital media and design. He is clearly an out of the box thinker. I highly recommend Ed and his team to anyone. If you happen to visit his location in Deltona, get the tour and meet his graphics design specialist. it’s a WOW! moment.”

Luis Angel Ramos, Jr – Spanish Teacher – January 7, 2015

“Ed Pisani was a great co-worker and amazing leader who motivated all of us at the Central Florida Boy Scouts of America where we both worked as District Executives. Ed trained staff and continues to train others in different fields including: Sales, Non-For Profit Fund Raising and so on… I recommend Ed not only for business training but also community leadership training.”

So this is what people are saying about me and my company. So give me a call to start a conversation today – 407-416-1515

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