Vampire Book Author Marc J Ritorto | Business Conversation by Ed Pisani Jr.

Vampire Book Author Marc J Ritorto | Business Conversation by Ed Pisani Jr.

Learn more about Marc Ritorto, the writer of Marcus The Vampire: THE DARK WORLD CHRONICLES

About Marc Ritorto

Marc Ritorto , a best selling author is a father for 4 daughters including Kristina Ritorto. He is a musician, writer and a martial artist and a podcaster. He just started writing books for fun last 2018. My first self-published book is called The Cabal was just released on Amazon in the beginning of 2019. He currently working on his my second action book about a Vampire. He also has plans to write a sequel for The Cabal book series along with spin offs base on the characters in The Cabal: The Saga Begins.  His family’s website is You can follow him on Amazon – Marcus The Vampire: THE DARK WORLD CHRONICLES

The Vampire Book Overview…

Marcus was a happy family man until Hitler’s reign of tyranny came. He was captured and tortured in a Nazi Camp. It was his grandmother’s magic that save him from death by turning him into a vampire. He now struggles with the loss of his wife and keeping his daughter safe from not only from Nazis but from the creatures that live in the realm of the Dark World including vampires, werewolves and witches.How will Marcus protect his daughter from the dangers of the Dark World? Read the novel and find out.This book is great for anyone who loves vampire fantasy novels.

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The Marc J Ritorto Interview

Ed Pisani Jr is the host of the radio show podcast that has business conversational interviews. Ed Pisani Jr is proud to have Marc Ritorto on his show for an interview. In this episode, they had a chance to discuss Marc’ new book about Marcus the Vampire.  Did you know that businesses are starting up all over the web including on Amazon.  Many business people are exploring their passions with their family  to create viable businesses.  Marc is one of those business leaders setting the tone in this industry of fantasy book writer families. By the end of the interview, Ed Pisani Jr understood why this start up author was so passionate about writing fantasy books about vampires.  His book publishing family business is located in New Jersey. Listen to other great podcast episodes now! Click here